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the  537 

ALLSTAR / SKYWARN REPEATER for Lafayette Parish Louisiana
Supporting the Office of Homeland Security Emergency Preparedness
Trustee: Ed - WA5TNK

Documents About The 145.370 Repeater

NOTE:  The information in this box is no longer current.  The documents will be left in place until the repeater is put back in service.  The 537 will return as a conventional repeater. No frequency change is planned.  CTCSS is planned to be 103.5 Hz.  Updated 10-31-2023, by KF5VH.

* WHAT'S NEW - The Latest Additions to the Repeater

* TUTORIAL - 537 Full User Tutorial PowerPoint

* HOW to Use the 537 Repeater (5 pages (2 are drawings))

* QUICK! - A Quick User Guide to the 537 Repeater

* NO POWER - How to Use the 537 During General Power Outages

* TG-REPEATER - Would This Functionality Be Useful ?

* SHOW  - Tabular Format Repeater Connections

* SHOW  - Graphical Format Repeater Connections

* SHOW  - World Wide AllStar Map -or- Beta Version Here 

SHOW -  AllStar Linkage Map (change 2560 to node number you want)

* SHOW - AllStar Nodes Sortable by many Parameters

AutoSkyWarn is not being distributed.
It has been replaced by SkyWarn Plus.  Details can be found at

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AllStar Link Home Page
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Ham Radio WIKI
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